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Precision Digital Command Control

This page contains files which I have, on occasion, been unable to send to owners because their ISPs block files with certain extensions, or sizes.

Please NOTE - and understand completely - AND ACCEPT - that the downloading and use of any of the files below is ENTIRELY at the risk and liability of the person who downloads and uses the file(s).

This is offered solely as a gratis service to Lenz Owners. Neither I personally, TLA Custom Models nor Lenz accepts any responsibility or liability for any consequence of anyone downloading or using any of the files below.

All that said, these files are, to the best of my knowledge, original Lenz installation or installation-related files and may be used as such by any who may have lost their original files or installation disk.

I hope one of files below may be that which you may need.

For the LI-USB/Lan (p/n 23151):

Installation Disk file (LI-USB.msi): Click here

Documentation folder file #1 (English): Click here

Documentation folder file # 2 (English): Click here

Driver Folder file #1: Click here

Driver Folder file #2: Click here

Win7 64 bit package: Click here


For the LI-USB (p/n 23150):

Win 10 Driver package: Click Here

The Bahnfan Driver package: Click Here.

This site at one point offered drivers for the LI-USB. It no longer seems to work, however.

Semantic GS: To go to it Click here.

This page appears to offer driver downloads for the LI-USB. I am not aware that it has connection either to Lenz-Electronik or to the Lenz Agency of North America. I have not tried it nor can offer any view on whether or not it does what it promises.

The Lenz p/n 23150 Installation disk

This disk came in new LI-USB computer interface packaging.

I have zipped all of the files on this disk and you should be able to download the zipped file "Lenz 23150 Zipped.zip" by clicking here.

The disk is divided into the following folders:

- Adobe, which contains three sub-folders "D", "E" and "F".

In each there is an Adobe application (D = Deutsch/German; E = English; F = Français.

The application in the E Folder is titled "AdbeRdr812_en_US.exe".

- Anwendungen, which contains one file "LI-USB.msi", which is a Windows Installation File. This is the one that is necessary to execute to install the drivers, etc. on one's computer.

- Demosoftware, which contains Railroad & Co. demonstration software.

- Doku, which contains four sub folders DE, FR, GB and NL.

Each of these contains the manuals in German (DE), French (FR), English (GB) and Dutch (NL).

- Treiber, which appears to contain driver, information and other files required for installation.

I have no/no idea what these are or do or how they work with the installation application. If anyone wishes to enlighten me (and perhaps others), I am always happy to learn.

The files are as follows.

905 Release Info.DOC

2154 Release Info.DOC
























For the LI-101F (p/n 23110):

I am not certain whether the old LI101 or LI101F will work entirely properly with the current V.3.6 firmware on current production, but at least one owner (Neil Lowes) has asked for this. So, the files on the LI-101F Installation Disk appear as follows:

Adobe [Directory]

D [Directory], in which there is one file ar500deu.exe. Which, I think, is the installation exe file in German.

E [Directory], in which there is one file ar500enu.exe. Which, I think, is the installation exe file in English.


F [Directory], in which there is one file ar500fra.exe. Which, I think, is the installation exe file in French.

LI101F [Directory]

In which there is one file: LI101F_SETUP.EXE




XpressNet and LI101F.PDF

XpressNet und LI101F.PDF

If you click on the links above, you should (I hope) be able to download the file(s) you wish.


For the LH-01 (p/n 21010):

Product manual (English): Click Here


I would be grateful for feedback on whether or not this page has worked.

If it does, and if there is a need for other files to be put here, I will endeavour to update it.

* * *

This page updated April 16, 2017

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