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The Etch Mate, and other related tools, by Mission Models

The Etch Mate received an excellent review in the December 2005 Railroad Model Craftsmanmagazine. These are key precision tools for anyone seriously building etched brass or nickel-silver kits. They make possible highly accurate bends in etched parts sheets and controlled curves in wire stock.

We are very happy to be an Etch Mate/Mission Models product dealer and carry the following items in stock:

EM-001 Etch Mate, for precision folds and bends: $75.00

EM-002 4.5" & 6,5" Extended Folding Blades for the Etch Mate: $8.00

MM-07 Bending Gauge for small radius curves in wire .375"/9.53mm to .047"/1.20mm: $33.95

MM-08 Bending Gauge for slightly larger radius curves in wire .500"/12.70mm to .053"/1.60mm: $33.95

MM-09 Micro-Chisel, stainless steel with rubber grip, 2mm cutting tip: $13.50

MM-11 Micro-Chisel replacement tip set: $6.60

I have only one each of these left..

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