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Precision Digital Command Control

TLA is the provider of technical product support for the Lenz Agency of North America.

We have been a Lenz dealer since 1991.

We are the sole authorized Lenz upgrade and warranty repair centre for both Canada and the U.S.A.

Please see the Lenz North America Warranty page for information and details on the warranty coverage offered by the Lenz Agency of North America.

Please see the Lenz Upgrade page for the latest upgrade information and costs.

Please see the Lenz Helps page for information on and solutions for common problems that newer (and sometimes more experienced) owners face.

TLA maintains a small stock of Lenz and DCC Specialties and we are happy to bring in any items on special order for customers.

We are the ONLY retail dealer in North America to whom Lenz Elektronik Gmbh (Lenz Germany) sells its products, other than the Lenz Agency of North America. This is by special permission from the owner of the Lenz Agency and the principals of Lenz Germany.

Please see the list below.

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I have put a super low price on the 23170 Decoder Programmer Module V.1, just because I have had it on the shelf for a long time. The $50.00 I have on it now is less than half my original cost on the unit. I have taken out of the box once, in order to see what it looks like.

I hope it may be of interest to someone.

* * *

I have also put a low price on the LS100 Switch decoders.

I hope this may give some owners an incentive to increase their layout automation with the system feedback these provide.

60110 Set 100 497.50 Please Contact
60110 Set 01 Starter set / LH01 Controller 367.95 Please Contact
21010 LH01 159.00 Yes
21100 LH100 280.00 Yes
22102 LV102, 5 amp Booster 260.00 Y
20110 LZV100 Cmd + 5 Amp Booster 375.00 Y
23170 Decoder Programmer (V.1) 50.00 Yes
10231 Standard Plus MP w/BEMF HO 36.00 Yes
10312-01 Silver+ X12 48.00 NYA
10321-01 Silver+ 21 49.00 Yes
10332-01 Silver+ 45.00 ToS
10310-02 Silver+ Mini w/wires 58.00 Y
10311-02 Silver+ Mini w 6 Pin Plug 60.00 S/O
10330-01 Silver+ Direct 52.00 Y
10433-01 Gold + 53.00 Y
10411-01 Gold+ Mini w/6 Pin Plug 70.00 ToS
10401-01 Gold+ Mini W 70.00 ToS
10440 Gold+ Maxi 115.00 Yes
10490 Power1 Module USP 65.00 Yes
10493 Power 3 Module USP 77.50 S/O
11010 LA010 21.00 S/O
80152 LA152 Fascia Panel 36.00 1
11220 LB050 30.00 Yes
11210 LB101 Dual Block Dect. 33.00 ToS
23151 LI-USB Ethernet PC Interface 235.00 1
12200 LK200 125.00 Yes
11201 LR101 Feedback encoder 90.00 Yes
15105 LRC 100 Railcom Modules (5 pack) 108.00 Yes
15120 LRC120 Railcom Adddress Display 88.00 Yes
11100 LS100 Switch Decoder, 4 output w/feedback (Reduced to Clear) 75.00 Yes
11150 LS150 Switch Decoder, 6 Output 77.50 1
25150 LW150 Key Encoder for Turnouts 139.95 Yes
Black Box Programmer 25.00 1
22600 BM-1 Asymetric DCC Block Module 20.00 Y
22610 BM2 Block Stopping 75.00 Y
22620 BM3 Block Stop and Signal 88.00 Y
22530 BMA Adapter for BM3 32.00 S/O
86006 Coiled Cable DIN/RJ 29.95 Y
  (These are offered at retail as a courtesy to DIY Owners)    
TLA 01 OEM Cable for LH100 19.95 Yes
TLA 02 DIN Plug Replacement for cords 8.50 Yes
TLA 03 OEM Main PC Board for LH100 125.00 Yes
TLA 04 OEM Display PC Board for LH100 75.00 Yes
TLA 05 OEM Keypad for LH100 35.00 Yes
TLA 06 OEM Potentiometer for LH90 15.00 Yes
TLA 07 OEM Power PC board for LZV100 195.00 Yes
TLA 08 OEM Command PC board for LZV100 145.00 Yes
TLA 09 OEM LH90 PC board (for replacement or conversion of LH200 units w/TLA06 potentiometer) 100.00 Yes
DCC Specialties Products    
RRA RRAmpmeter V.2 124.95 Yes
NCE-P NCE P515 15V/5A AC Power supply Module 64.95 Yes

Y = In Stock; ToS = Temporarily Out of Stock; S/O = Special Order; NYA = Announced but Not Yet Available

This page last updated September 21, 2017

You can view pictures and the actual specifications of these and other Lenz Digital Plus DCC products at the Lenz Digital Plus website.

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