Tree Lane's Public Rooms

The Parlour

The elegant formal parlour is furnished with a games table for cards, chess, checkers and backgammon


board games from Monopoly to Risk to Diplomacy,

as well as

an eclectic selection of CDs and art books.

Photo of the Parlour. Photo of the Parlour.

Off in one corner is John's collection of soldiers.

Out of view on the North wall, is an oil reproduction of Meisonnier's "Napoleon on Campaign".

* * *

The Garden Room

This is a comfortable country sitting room, where afternoon tea is served.

It opens on to the Northern flagstone patio where, weather permitting, breakfast is served and on to the North garden.

There is a small collection of videos and magazines for your entertainment.

Photo of the Garden Room. Photo of the Garden Room.

* * *

The Dining Room

Photo of the Dining Room.

Breakfast is also served in the dining room, whose cherrywood furniture, antique mirror, chandelier


Tom Thompson and Franklin Carmichael reproduction prints create a unique formal, but relaxed, atmosphere.

The Front Hall & Stairway to Guest Rooms

photo of entry stairwell

The bannister on the stairwell is as old as the house. The curved parts were made from specially selected individual tree limbs, hand carved to match the straight run up the stairs.

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