TouchCab/23151 Issues - Router IP setting

The following is copied from the Touchcab website (2014.03.04) and all credit belongs with the Touchcab creator(s).

I have copied it to this location solely for the convenience of readers.

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The Lenz interface ships with a fixed IP address of

This means that if your network (or in this case the NetGear router) is set to something different, then the Lenz device is not available on the network.

The first three numbers in the IP address can be considered an 'area code' if you will, so if the router is set to 192.168.1.X, then we have the problem you are experiencing.

The solution is to adapt you router - and thus your network - to the Lenz unit:

Check the user manual for the router's factory IP address and open the router's web page by typing the address in your web browser.

Set the router's address to, the network mask to

Also, make sure that the DHCP range is set to - 199 so the router will not hand out an address that collides with the Lenz unit.

Then make sure that your iDevice has received a new address from the router - by restarting or by going to the network settings and renewing the DHCP lease.

Then you should be good to go.

TouchCab will find the Lenz device automagically.


If you want to, you can change the settings on the Lenz device to DHCP by accessing the web page on the device. There is a checkbox for DHCP/auto.

This of course means that you don't know the address of the device, so if you have e.g. a computer program that needs to know the exact address, you may want to keep the address fixed.