The Loyalist Colloquium on Public Policy

"The Public Interest vs. Vested Interests"

The Loyalist Colloquium on Public Policy assembled first in 2002. It continues to gather on an ad hoc basis to engage in informed and reasoned consideration of local, regional and national issues of public importance.

The Colloquium has as its principal objectives the fostering of transparent public policy development and the adoption of sound public policy by all levels of government.

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To these ends, it occasionally comments publicly on the positions and posturing of proponents - particulary special interest groups -on issues, in order to make clear their specific objectives and the agendas they may seek to advance.

The Colloquium is usually moved to comment on public debates when the substantive agendas of such groups or proponents differ in substance from their publicly stated and argued positions. Such comments are normally intended to identify clearly those agendas and the actual interests at play so that the politics of any given issues may be known for what they are.

Through the identification of such hidden agendas, the narrow interests involved and the distortions in public debate they cause, most normally intelligent citizens are in a better position to help public officials avoid the flawed policy decisions which such political posturing and public misinformation engender.

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Issues on which the Colloquium has commented publicly:

The Loyalist Township Official Plan (Wind generator development on Amherst Island) - Our view of the Special Council meeting of September 2, 2008.

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