John Fowles - Collection of First Editions

Including Several Signed By Author


This lot consists of my collection of the compl89/ete works of John Fowles, including both the original and the revised editions of The Magus.

All are British or American/Canadian first editions (one only fourth printing) and several are signed by the author.

All are in excellent condition, with undamaged dust jackets and most with a protective clear cover over the jacket.

Also included is the issue of "Firsts' magazine with articles on Fowles, his books and collecting them.

In addition, there is included a 54 minute DVD-R documentary on Fowles, entitled Return of the Magus.

This is my own personal collection. I am selling it only because my wife is pressing me to reduce my library before I die and leave her with the job.

The specifics of the books are below. Please see the photos for details.

I am happy to take and make available more photos for serious inquirers.


1. The Aristos, A Self-portrait in Ideas (London: Jonathan Cape: "First published in Great Britain 1965") [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3]

2. Poems, (The ECCO Press, New York & Macmillan, Canada: "First published in 1973..."). Signed by author "John Fowles". [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3]

3. The Collector (Boston/Toronto: Little, Brown & Company: 1963, Fourth printing) [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3]

4. The Magus (London: Jonathan Cape: "First published in Great Britain 1966") [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3]

5. The Magus, A Revised Edition (London: Jonathan Cape: "First published in Great Britain 1966"; "This revised edition first published 1977. This edition and foreword © 1977 by John Fowles") [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3]

6. The French Lieutenant's Woman (London: Jonathan Cape: "First published 1969") [Photo 1] [Photo 2]

7. The Ebony Tower (London: Jonathan Cape: "First published 1974") Signed by author "John Fowles 7/9/2,000" [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3]

8. Daniel Martin (London: Jonathan Cape: "First published 1977") [Photo 1] [Photo 2]

9. A Maggot (London: Jonathan Cape: "First published 1975") Signed by author "John Fowles" [Photo 1] [Photo 2] [Photo 3]

10. Mantissa (London: Jonathan Cape: "First published 1982") Signed by author "John Fowles" [Photo 1] [Photo 2]

11. Firsts, The Book Collector's Magazine, January 2004, Volume 14, Number 1 [Photo 1] [Photo 2]

12: The Return of the Magus, A Documentary on John Fowles, Director Mike Pierce DVD-R 54 minutes [Photo 1]


Price: Cdn $750.00, US$ 550.00 or €500,00 for the complete set described above. Carefully packed and ready to ship.


Shipping additional by carrier of choice of buyer, at cost of buyer